Father Clears Unjust Charges, Son Becomes Top Scholar

Father Clears Unjust Charges, Son Becomes Top Scholar
In the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644 AD), there was an upright man named Zhao Xi from Qingzhou, Shandong Province. He was selfless, and courageously upheld justice, but never sought anything in return. When he was a county government official, there was an upright guard commander who had been the victim of a plot and wrongfully imprisoned. Zhao Xi knew this commander well and knew that he had been wrongfully convicted. Zhao was determined to clear his name of the charges. Through various channels, he understood the ins and outs of the case and collected evidence. He repeatedly appealed on behalf of the guard commander. He was finally able to clear the commander of the charges, the injustice was rectified, and the commander was acquitted.
The commander was very grateful. He wanted to return the favor but felt that he had nothing to give. He wanted to give Zhao Xi his own daughter as a concubine to repay him for the life-saving grace. Zhao Xi said "No, don't," and when the commander insisted, Zhao Xi kept refusing. Zhao repeated “No, don’t” several times then firmly rejected the offer.
Zhao Xi was later appointed vice minister of the Ministry of Rites. Several years later, Zhao Xi's son Zhao Bingzhong set off to take the civil service exam in the nation’s capital. On his way there, he heard a voice from the sky, “'No-don't' will get first place.” The voice repeated this several times. The son did not understand what this meant. The topic on the final exam was the Imperial Governance and the Imperial Mindset. Zhao Bingzhong wrote that whenever there is a thought in line with the heavenly principles, one should act on it immediately, and whenever an incorrect desire surfaces, one must eliminate it right away. The ancient emperors such as Yao and Shun led by example, and thus raised people's moral standards, which in turn brought prosperity and peace to society.
The result of the exam was that Zhao Bingzhong indeed placed first and became the top scholar. This was in 1598 AD, when he was only 25 years old. After he returned home, he told his father the interesting voice he heard on his way to the exam. Zhao Xi said, “This was an incident that I experienced twenty years ago and I have never told anyone. One of the deities must have told you.”
From this story, it seems that the heavenly principle that “good will be rewarded” is indeed true! People should do more good deeds. Only when you plant seeds of blessings, will you receive blessing fruits.
父亲解冤狱 儿子中状元
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