Yue Fei and Wuhan (Part 5)
Yue Fei and Wuhan (Part 5)
9. The Legend of Cuiziwan
The area to the north of the residential area of Wuqili situated on Wulidun Street was a nameless bay in ancient times. After the Southern Song Dynasty, it was named Cuiziwan. The name of the area is related to a story that was handed down in Hanyang from generation to generation.
When Yue Fei was stationed in Hanyang, he took a walk to this area one day and heard an old lady cry. He followed the crying, entered the house and asked why she was crying. He learned that the old widowed lady was very poor and raised her son alone. Her son was too poor to marry a girl, so he tried his luck doing business in Henan Province (north of Hanyang). Nobody heard from him since so no one knew what had happened to him. Yue Fei wanted to help the old lady so he tried to console her, “Don't worry! If your son comes back as poor as he left, please ask him to come to the barracks to see me.”
A few days later, the old lady's son came back empty-handed. He went to see Yue Fei and Yue Fei gave him a bag of silver. The man told Yue Fei that the Jin Army had captured him in Henan and tied him up for several days. He said that he almost lost his life. Yue Fei asked him, “You must be familiar with this path to the north and we need to understand the enemy's situation before launching an assault. What about you go there again to find it out for us?” The old lady's son agreed. After returning home, he married a girl. He no longer wanted to go to Henan.
Day after day passed. The old lady became worried, so she urged her son repeatedly to leave without delay. Her son finally relented and left for Henan. He never returned. Before he died, he hired people to send back information about the Jin Army in Henan, which made it possible for Yue Fei's Army to achieve several major victories against the enemy.
Because of this story, an unknown bay had a formal name, Cuiziwan (the bay of urging the son).
10. Yue Fei Street
It was established at the end of the Qing Dynasty and the early days of the Republic of China. It starts from Huangxing Road at the southwest, passing through Chezhan Road and is connected to Zhongshan Street in the northeast. It was part of the French settlement in the older days. French authorities named it Jiangjun Street or Xiafei Street (after the great French general Joseph Joffre). It used to be heavily guarded since it contained the French barracks, the Ministry of Industry and jail.  After China's victory against the Japanese invasion and having regained control over the French Settlement, it was renamed after Yue Fei.
In addition to the places discussed above, many historical sites remain in the ancient Hubei Province. For example, the Yue Style of Martial Arts, the Yue Fei School and the Yue Family Ancestral Temple are listed as national intangible cultural heritage. Huangmei County is where Yue Fei’s sons, Yue Ting and Yue Zhen’s graves are located. Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province holds the tombs of Yue Fei’s mother, Ms. Yao, and his wife, Ms. Li.
The Yue Style of Martial Arts was very popular in Huangmei County, Guangji County and Jichun County. According to the “Huangmei County Annals” and “Guangji County Annals,” the Yue Style was introduced in these counties at the end of the Song Dynasty. It was said that after Yue Fei was murdered, his fourth son Yue Zhen and fifth son Yue Ting were hiding at Yangmeiling, Dahe Township, Huangmei County (now called East Yue Bay and West Yue Bay) to avoid capture. Since Yue Fei was recalled back to the capital by 12 top priority orders in the form of 12 gold plaques, Yue Fei understood that something was afoul, so he secretly handed the Yue Style of Martial Arts Compendium to Yue Zhen and Yue Ting and asked them to hide in Huangmei County instead of accompanying him to the capital. This was how the style of martial arts was widespread in Huangmei County.
In Tianmen City, Hubei Province is a township of historical importance, Yuekou. It was called Yuejiakou in the past. According to the record of “Tianmen County Annals,” It was named because Yue Fei's Army used to be stationed there.” The legend of Yue Fei and Yuejiakou has been passed on from generation to generation.
岳飞与武汉 ()
催子湾的传说 :今五里墩街五麒里社区北侧,旧有一无名村湾,南宋以后称作催子湾。关于此湾名的来历,在汉阳民间代代相传著这样一个故事:
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