Marriage Is Predetermined – Husband and Wife Should Treat Each Other with Respect (Part 2)

Marriage Is Predetermined – Husband and Wife Should Treat Each Other with Respect (Part 2)
The next day, Wei's servant put the knife in his sleeve and went to the market to assassinate the girl. The market crowd fell into chaos. Wei and his servant got away during the mayhem. He anxiously asked his servant whether he had stabbed the girl. His servant told him, “I aimed at her heart but I missed and stabbed her between her eyebrows.” After that, Wei proposed many times to many women, but had no luck.
Fourteen years later, Wei was working as a judiciary official under Wang Tai, the provincial governor of Xiangzhou, who was an old friend of Wei’s late father. Wei was in charge of collecting evidence and making interrogations. Wang admired Wei's superior ability and decided to marry his 17-year-old daughter to Wei.
Wang's daughter was virtuous and intelligent. She was gorgeous but always pasted a flower between her eyebrows. She would not take it off even when she took a bath or was alone. A year after they were married, Wei suddenly remembered the assassination attempt in the market years before and asked his wife about the flower. His wife cried and told him, “I was adopted by Wang Tai. My birth father was once the magistrate in Songcheng City. When he passed away, I was still a baby. My mother and my older brother died after that, leaving a farmstead south of Songcheng. I lived with my nanny, Chen. Because we lived close to a market, Chen made a living selling vegetables. When I was three years old, a gangster stabbed me while Chen was holding me in the market, leaving a scar between my eyebrows and hence I cover it with a flower. About seven years ago, when my stepfather was an official in Lulong, he adopted me as his daughter.”
Wei asked his wife whether Chen had a blind eye. His wife confirmed it and asked how he knew about it. Wei told her that he was the person who had ordered the assassination and told her everything that happened back then. After they learned what had happened, they respected each other even more. They had a son and named him Kun. When Kun grew up, he became the prefecture chief in Yanmen. Wei's wife was honored as Lady of Taiyuan Prefecture. After the magistrate of Songcheng learned their story, he named the inn Wei stayed in 14 years before the Engagement Inn.
The story tells us that marriage is predestined. It has been decided based on one's virtue and karma and cannot be changed. Wei refused to acknowledge his destiny. He would never have known that his wife would change from an ugly girl carried by a blind woman into a beautiful, virtuous woman. His pursuit of a wife with equal standing and good looks changed nothing except to leave a scar on his wife's beautiful face. Wei’s assassination attempt was a terrible deed that he had to repay his wife, but perhaps this was a conclusion of other factors.
In a morally degenerate society, the relationships between men and women are chaotic. It is not unusual to see husbands and wives commit adultery, abandon and fight with each other, and end their marriages in divorce. Perhaps Li Fuyan from the Tang Dynasty was trying to tell today's people something in his story of the Engagement Inn.
This story is based on Li Fuyan's book Xu Xuan Guai Lu (Records of the Mysterious and Bewildering).
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