The Consequences of Jealousy (Part 1)
The Consequences of Jealousy (Part 1)
Chinese culture has long valued the virtues of kindness, generosity, and tolerance, while acts of jealousy bring about shame. When a generous person sees the merits of others, he or she compliments these merits and accomplishments, thinks about how he or she falls short, and learns from others to do a better job. There is no time to be jealous of others. Only those narrow-minded and selfish people, out of shortsightedness and lack of virtue, would be jealous of others' accomplishments. They are bothered by others’ strengths. They worry about who will exceed them today, and who they will lose to tomorrow. Some less virtuous people would even go the extent of falsely accusing kindhearted people. They may have their way for some time. Yet, in the end, they will lose all their support and meet with retributions, as everything is governed by heavenly principles.
Shen Gongbao Ended Up Plugging the Hole in the North Sea with His Body
Shen Gongbao is a figure in the Chinese classic novel Investiture of the Gods. He and Jiang Ziya were fellow disciples of the Primeval God of Heaven, with Shen being more junior than Jiang. When Shen Gongbao learned that their master dispatched Jiang Ziya to help establish the Zhou Dynasty, which was to replace the Shang Dynasty, and assign titles to different deities, he was overtaken by jealousy.
He pressed Jiang for an answer, “Which king are you to protect?” Jiang replied, “I am to protect King Wu of the Zhou people, whose virtue is of the caliber of the ancient emperors Yao and Shun, whose kindness is in tune with the universal characteristics, and whose rise matches perfectly with the change in the heavenly orientation. King Zhou of the Shang Dynasty lacks any merits, and the Shang Dynasty is near its end. He will be the last ruler of the Shang Dynasty.” Shen retorted, “I am going to protect your opponent and thwart your plans.” Jiang sternly told Shen, “How dare you! No one can violate our master's orders. Nor can people reverse heavenly changes.” Shen was angry and retorted, “Jiang Ziya, you want to protect the Zhou people? What abilities do you have? You have studied for merely 40 years. How can you match me? I can chop off my head, throw it into the air, and it falls right back on my neck as before. How can you dare to oppose me?” Jiang Ziya ignored Shen Gongbao, and Shen left in anger.
Shen started to disrupt Jiang's efforts. He provoked different deities to kill Jiang. Once the Primeval God of Heaven caught Shen and was about to pin him under a huge mountain called the Kirin Cliff. Shen begged his master to forgive him by swearing, “If I continue to call out deities to thwart Jiang Ziya, I am willing to plug the hole of the North Sea with my own body.” Thus, Shen Gongbao was set free.
However, Shen did not repent. He continued to stir up disharmony. He asked the head of a sect to deploy 10,000 deities against Jiang Ziya’s camp, which caused great trouble for King Wu’s expedition against King Zhou. Shen Gongbao had committed too many sins. The Primeval God of Heaven knocked Shen down and killed the tiger he rode on. He told Shen, “You swore that if you continued to sabotage Jiang Ziya's mission, you would plug the North Sea. It is time you fulfill your promise.” That was where Shen ended up, at the bottom of the sea, where he could never see the sun rise again.

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