Throughout the Ages, Good is Rewarded While Evil Provokes Karmic Retribution (Part 2)

Throughout the Ages, Good is Rewarded While Evil Provokes Karmic Retribution (Part 2)
Imperiousness Leads to Karmic Retribution
The mayor of Huating (in today’s Shanghai) was greedy and violent. Whenever he departed office, his guards rode on horses ahead of him. They would whip any pedestrians in their path who did not get out of the way in time.
One day the mayor was returning home and a porter was standing on the left side of the road carrying two baskets of paper on his shoulders. The mayor got angry because the porter did not put down his baskets. He ordered his servant to bring the porter in front of his carriage and scolded him. The porter was a simple and straightforward person. He replied, “I was not in the way so what crime did I commit?” The mayor became furious because the porter talked back. He ordered his servant to beat the porter savagely and asked him again, “Do you know your crime?” The porter replied, “I truly do not know what crimes I have committed that deserve such a beating.”
Being contradicted in public, the arrogant mayor flew into a rage out of humiliation. He ordered his men to flog the porter with clubs hundreds of times until his blood and flesh were smeared together. They dragged the porter to the Huating County government to charge him with blocking the road. The county officials took advantage of the opportunity and extorted a lot of money from the porter's boss, the owner of a paper shop. The county magistrate, seeing that the porter was badly injured, did not punish him and let him go after a few days. After the porter returned to the paper shop, his boss blamed him for making trouble and kicked him out. Having been tortured for no reason and fired from his job, the porter died two days later.
Several days later, five deep-rooted ulcers appeared on the mayor’s back, causing him great pain. The doctor said that there was hope for recovery because the ulcers had not festered. One night, the mayor saw in his dream the porter carrying baskets of paper tearing the ulcers with his hands. The enormous pain woke him up from his dream. He summoned a servant and saw under candlelight that all of his ulcers had now festered. The pus and blood soaked his bedding. The doctor gave up on his treatment. The mayor prayed every day but nothing worked. He could not lie down on his back anymore, only on his front or side. The slightest movement would cause him excruciating pain. He suffered like this for dozens of days before he died.
Wang Daoding of the Qing Dynasty commented on this event, “It is truly pathetic that officials with power in their hands tend to do whatever they want without considering others' difficult situations. We are all human. Why show off your ruthlessness at will just to please yourself? When you beat the porter until his flesh and blood flew in all directions, he could not do anything to you. But when the puss and blood came out of your ulcers, there was nothing you could do to him. Please be cautious, all officials with power in your hands, do not do something that you will regret later but can do nothing about.”
A man should always be kind and follow the course of nature to help others. This way he will have good opportunities and a good future. The Heavens know exactly our deeds. Everything that happens to us is a result of our thoughts and actions. It is the manifestation of gods' will that evil deeds must be punished.
(Stories are based on two Chinese books, Tai Shang Gan Ying Pian and Zuo Hua Zhi Guo.)
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