Resolving Resentment with Forbearance and Forgiveness
Resolving Resentment with Forbearance and Forgiveness
In history there was a businessman named Cheng Bolin who lived in Yangzhou City. He was a pious man and respected Buddhas. One summer, northern invaders seized Yangzhou City. Cheng prayed to the gods and asked for help. In his dream a god told him that all the other 16 members of his family would pass through this catastrophe safely, except for him.
After Cheng Bolin woke up, he could not understand why he was singled out, so he prayed to the gods again. The gods told him in his next dream, "In your previous life, you stabbed Wang Mazi 26 times and killed him. Now it's time to pay him back, and there is no way to escape. You may tell your family to stay in the eastern quarters of your house while you stay in the middle hall. Don’t involve your family members." Cheng followed the instructions.
Five days later, a soldier from the northern army knocked on the door. Cheng Bolin asked him, "Are you Wang Mazi? If yes, you may come on in and stab me 26 times. If you are not Wang Mazi, just leave me alone as we have no karmic relationship."
The soldier said, "I am Wang Mazi." So Cheng Bolin opened the door and let him in. Wang Mazi was very surprised, "How do you know my name?" Cheng described to him the two dreams in detail.
Wang Mazi sighed, "You killed me by stabbing me 26 times in a previous life; if I do the same to you today, won't you try to seek revenge in your next life?" Then he used the back of his sword to pat Cheng Bolin on the back 26 times and forgave him. In addition, Wang Mazi escorted Cheng Bolin and his family to Jinling City, a safer place.
All things happen for a reason. When we are mistreated by someone, it's possible that we owe that person from a previous encounter. If we can forbear and endure the mistreatment without complaint or grievance, or if we can forgive, then we can probably dissolve the resentment and resolve the karmic retribution. Otherwise, the karmic retribution will continue endlessly.
万事有因 宽恕解怨
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