The Story of Honest Yan Shu

The Story of Honest Yan Shu
Yan Shu, who lived in the Song Dynasty, was kind and honest from the time he was very young. He was also bright and eager to learn. When he was only seven years old, he was able to write excellent articles. By 15 years old, he was honored as a genius and recommended to the Emperor Song Zhengzong (968 – 1022 AD) by the county governor due to his extreme intelligence.
Yan Shu could have been interviewed or examined by the Emperor directly, but he insisted on attending the formal imperial examination for provincial governor's selection. He considered that the result obtained from the imperial examination would actually reflect his true knowledge and talents. The main examiner approved his request and let him participate in the exam together with over three thousand other examinees.
The exam began. When Yan Shu received the exam paper, he found that the question was the one he had just practiced. He picked up his writing brush and thought for a while. He then raised his hand and said to the main examiner: "Sir, I have practiced this question at home already. If I do it again, isn't that cheating? Would you please prepare another question for me?"
The examiner heard his words and agreed to give him a different question.
When Yan Shu got his new question, he read it several times and thought for a moment. Then he picked up his brush and wrote the essay without stopping. The examiner was shocked. He thought that this student was so quick and brilliant, a true genius.
Yan Shu's requests to participate in the formal exam and receive a new test question gained people's respect because he was so honest. The news spread among the students who attended the exam and even to the Emperor's ears. The Emperor immediately asked to see Yan Shu himself. He praised him: "You have solid knowledge and intelligence. But more importantly, you are an honest person and don't cheat. This high moral standard is more precious."
In ancient China, the number one criterion for assigning a person to a position was to gauge that person's moral quality. It did not matter if it was to the court, as a provincial governor, to a county office or to a store or business, if a person had great capability and intelligence but poor moral standards, no one wanted to offer that person a position. Because Yan Shu had a high moral quality of honesty, he later held important positions within the court.
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