Areal Flood Advisory



 5/15/2018 4:49:00 PM

The National Weather Service has issued the following: What: Areal Flood Advisory Where: NYC When: Until 6:30 PM Today, 5/15 Hazards: Heavy rainfall rates of 1.0 inch an hour are possible, resulting in minor flooding of poor drainage and low-lying urban areas. Preparedness Actions: - Do not drive your vehicle or walk into areas where water covers the roadway as the water depth may be too great to allow you to cross safely. For the latest weather info: To view this message in American Sign Language (ASL), العربية, বাঙালি, 中文, Français, Kreyòl Ayisyen, Italiano, 한국어, Polski, Pусский, Español, اردو or ייִדיש :


国家气象部门发布了以下内容:什么:地区洪水咨询地点:纽约时间:截止到下午6:30今天,5/15危害:每小时1.0英寸的强降雨率是可能的,导致轻微的排水不畅和低洼的城市地区。准备行动: - 不要开车或步行进入水路覆盖的地方,因为水深可能太大而不能安全过关。有关最新的天气信息。要在美国手语(ASL),العربية,বাঙালি,中文,Français,KreyòlAyisyen,Italiano,한국어,Polski,Pусский,Español,اردو或ייִדיש:中查看此消息。