Hoover Institution: China owns or controls majority of Chinese-language media outlets in the US

The Hoover Institution and Asia Society recently published a joint study examining China’s influence activities in the United States.
Titled “Chinese Influence & American Interests: Promoting Constructive Vigilance”, the report found that China has engaged in a campaign to influence America in all aspects of society, including the areas of: congress, state and local governments, the Chinese American community, universities, think tanks, media, corporations, and technology and research.
Among these areas, China has achieved total dominance in Chinese-language media that serve the Chinese communities in the United States. The report concluded:
“In the American media, China has all but eliminated the plethora of independent Chinese-language media outlets that once served Chinese American communities. It has co-opted existing Chinese-language outlets and established its own new outlets.”
Among major Chinese-language media outlets, only a few independent media outlets still exist; many are directly controlled by the Chinese state, an equal number are controlled by businessmen friendly to Beijing.
The report surveyed the current media landscape, and came to the following conclusion:

Media EntityMedia PlatformOwnership
SinoVisionTelevisionPRC central government
Qiaobao/China PressNewspaperPRC central government
Sino American TimesNewspaperPRC central government
WenxuechengWebsiteOwned by pro-PRC Taiwan business
DuoweiWebsiteOwned by pro-PRC Hong Kong business
Mingjing/Mirror MediaWebsiteFriendly to Beijing
BackchinaWebsiteFriendly to Beijing
Sing TaoNewspaperOwned by pro-PRC Hong Kong business
World JournalNewspaperFriendly to Beijing
Ming PaoNewspaperOwned by pro-PRC Hong Kong business
BoxunWebsiteFriendly to Beijing
Epoch Times/DaJiYuanNewspaperIndependent
Hope RadioRadioIndependent
New Tang DynastyTelevisionIndependent
Vision TimesNewspaperIndependent

”Given these efforts by Beijing, the space for truly independent Chinese-language media in the United States has shrunk to a few media outlets supported by the adherents of Falun Gong, the banned religious sect in China, and a small publication and website called Vision Times,” stated the report.
The aim of the report is to promote transparency, integrity and reciprocity in the interaction between China and the United States. With regards to the Chinese-language media, it recommends a few actions by the US government:
- Work to establish the real ownership structure of Chinese companies purchasing US-based media.

- Review whether media-owning organizations should register under existing lobbying laws as foreign agents.

- Consider aiding the operations of independent Chinese-language media to allow journalism business models to survive. Private charitable foundations can also make a difference in helping independent Chinese -language media remain editorially independent and financially viable.

- Demand reciprocity for American journalists attempting to do their professional work in China, and restrict Chinese journalists access to the US market if US journalists cannot gain access to China.
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